MA in Early Modern English Literature: Text & Transmission

Earliest known reference to Shakespeare's Hamlet
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The British Library is working in partnership with King’s College London to teach an MA in English literature, entitled Early Modern English Literature: Text and Transmission. This course gives students a unique opportunity to study early modern literary works both as literature and as print and manuscript artefacts, using the unparalleled resources of the British Library as teaching materials. In the module taught at the British Library, The Material Legacy of Early Modern Texts, students are introduced to the development of printing and history of printing in England; manuscript culture and the transmission and reception of literary texts in manuscript; book ownership and provenance research; literary property, copyright and censorship, and the booktrade and Stationers’ Company. Students spend an afternoon a week in the first semester at the British Library, undertaking hands-on work with original printed and manuscript artefacts. They are taught by British Library curators with specialisms in book history and manuscript culture, together with external experts in book history.

Application queries should be directed to the Postgraduate Admissions office of King's College London

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Availability: Applications are being accepted
Length: One year Full Time; two years Part Time; September to September
Enquiries: KCL Postgraduate Admissions Team +44 (0) 20 7848 7000
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