Mapping Feminist Media: Spare Rib Magazine

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A wide range of colourful magazine covers bearing the name 'Spare Rib' is fanned out
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Spare Rib magazine (1972-1992) was the leading publication of the Women’s Liberation Movement and used various methods, including a feminist advertising strategy, to tackle sexism in the media and society at large. In these digital materials for Media and English, students will explore the history of Spare Rib magazine and feminist enterprise to think about what feminist media and advertising might look like, and associated challenges.

These unique materials for GCSE and A Level have been created by a Research Fellow working on The Business of Women’s Words at the University of Sussex, using digitised and interactive material from the British Library's collection.

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Age group: Year 10 - Year 13
When: Monday to Friday
Length: One hour
Group size: N/A
Key skills: English, Media Studies
Price: Admission: Free entry
Where: Online
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