Webinar: Income streams for authors

, 10.00 - 13.00

Many authors benefit from having multiple writing-related income streams. This is partly to help them build up an income in the early years of being an author, while they write enough books to have substantial royalties. It also helps smooth out any unexpected ‘bumps’ in.

Feedback from previous workshops run by Melissa Addey at the British Library:

‘Everything was useful – I can go home and DO!’

‘I really appreciated the amount of valuable information you packed in, fantastic to have such detailed handouts. Overall this was really inspiring.’

‘A lot of really useful information and things to immediately go away and work on.’

‘Loved your practical good sense and your ability to make it seem ‘doable’.’

‘I must thank you again for your workshop which I do believe may just have changed my life.’
 their working lives, from times when they have limited working time (children, other commitments, illness, unexpected events such as pandemics, etc.) to times when one or more income streams may tail off or temporarily dip. 

We will cover:

  • 15 possible sources of income and the first steps to take towards each of them.
  • Brainstorming 25 sources of income that are bespoke to each person.
  • How to evaluate income streams and jobs/freelance projects to maximise their value.
  • Paying attention to managing finances well overall.
  • Planning for the future 1: your old age.
  • Planning for the future 2: the ‘old age’ of your books and their life beyond yours.
  • Reclaiming bits of ‘forgotten’ income: every little helps!
  • Minimising writing career costs so as to make the most of income.
  • Attitude: not allowing yourself to be underpaid for what you do!

You’ll leave inspired and with a practical list of next steps to follow to build up the most suitable income streams for your writing career.

After the event you will be sent the video recording of the session, resource-filled slides from our main talk and a free eBook, Melissa Addey's Merchandise for Authors, which offers a wealth of ideas for using your book as the basis for developing merchandise in the future. 

About your speaker

Melissa Addey has a PhD in Creative Writing and was Writer in Residence at the British Library. She has written and self-published 13 books, successfully applied for £75,000 in grants over 5 years and won the 2019 Novel London Award. www.melissaaddey.com 


Name: Webinar: Income streams for authors
Where: Online
When: , 10.00 - 13.00
Price: £40
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