Partition's Musical Legacies: 75 Years on the Subcontinent & Beyond

A collage of musicians
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Explore the impact of Partition on the world of music on the subcontinent.

This is an online-only event hosted on Zoom. Bookers will be sent a viewing link shortly before the event.

August 2022 marks 75 years of Indo-Pak Independence from colonial rule, and also, 75 years since the bloody Partition that accompanied it.

But how did South Asia’s musicians respond to these events? How do we access their 'Voices of Partition'? You are invited to explore the impact of Partition, and its attendant displacement and violence, on the world of music on the subcontinent.

Dr Radha Kapuria initiates a dialogue with musicians located in disparate locations across the 'three' Punjabs: the sufi band Marifat in Pakistan, the Chaar Yaar Faqiri Quartet in India, and the London-based Grewal Twins from the Punjabi diaspora.

The discussion will begin with pre-1947 musical memories, relayed through rare recordings of pre-Partition Punjab available from the British Library’s sound archive.

Featuring some unique recordings from the Indian sub-continent showcasing a variety of genres: ranging from folk music (whether Gujarati garba or Punjabi heer songs) to comedic ditties and from various devotional hymns (bhajans, naats and shabads, across the three main religions of Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism).

The event concludes with a unique concert featuring a conversation between the three musician ensembles.

This event is part of South Asian Heritage Month 2022.

Held in partnership with the University of Sheffield. The event is supported by the Leverhulme Trust and National Lottery Heritage Fund.

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Name: Partition's Musical Legacies: 75 Years on the Subcontinent & Beyond
Where: Zoom
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