How to stop online hacks

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Get the practical steps you need to protect your business online

Do you think that because you are a start-up or budding entrepreneur you don't need to know the basics of cybersecurity?

Well, although at the beginning of a business's life there are 101 things already on the to-do list, the increase of online hacks and breaches means it is crucial that business owners understand how they can protect their business and their customers. 

Why is it important to know the cybersecurity basic as a start-up?

  • It will help you implement the best cybersecurity practice at the early stages
  • Understanding how you can keep your business safe online will build brand trust and make you stand out form your competitors
  • When you are a young business, it is crucial to protect your idea and all the developments within your business- avoiding online hacks and breaches will be a way to protect this
  • Financially, a start-up can't afford the cost of ransomware or online hijacking of company documentation so knowing how to avoid this will help you short and long term
  • Simply learning the terminology and understanding the basics will make you more aware of how you can work in a secure way and will make you feel more confident working online and sharing information to third parties or employees.

What will you learn at our seminar?

Our fantastic tech savvy engineer, Josh Evans, will guide you through how the world of cybercrime works, what kind of threats are on the internet currently and what YOU can do to stop them!

Josh will cover the following:

  • Why online security is so important in 2018 and a timeline of how companies have suffered in the previous year
  • What ransomware is, how it has soared in 2017 and how it could affect your business
  • How general online scams such as email hacks work and how your business can become victim to it
  • What to do if you get hacked
  • Practices to implement in your business to be cyber secure
  • A demo of how a hacker can get into your symptoms and cause a breach.

This interactive workshop will give you the opportunity to ask questions about any cyber security worries you have and receive advice on the best software or actions to take to make sure you are consistently protecting your business.

This event is hosted by Lucidica.

Lucidica are an IT support company in the heart of Shoreditch. They help businesses from one man bands to larger companies grow with technology. They have helped a wide range of businesses from a whole host of industries with their technology problems, enabling businesses to utilise technology to make their company work seamlessly. With over 10 years of professional experience, they provide IT solutions that cover all bases. From Cloud, hosting and consultations, to websites and cybersecurity Lucidica is right there to help your business thrive with the right technology.

“Very helpful presentation with a good overview into cybersecurity. Great speaker who made everything easy to understand” - Emily


Name: How to stop online hacks
Where: Business & IP Centre
The British Library
96 Euston Road
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When: , 10.00 - 12.00
Price: £15.00
Enquiries: +44 (0)20 7412 7901
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