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Join us for an evening of conversation and motivation with our panel of three award winning women of colour.
About this Event
The PRECIOUS Awards was founded in 2007 to celebrate and applaud the professional and entrepreneurial achievements of women of colour in the UK. We have a dynamic and passionate following, gained over eleven years of bringing brilliant women into the spotlight and celebrating and rewarding exceptional determination, innovation, and skills across multiple sectors and inspiring women of colour to succeed.
PRECIOUS Nights is a monthly event that gives you the opportunity to hear previous PRECIOUS Award winners share the highs, lows and lessons of their journey, give actionable tips and advice.
The evening is about storytelling, connecting, honesty and community in a unique atmosphere of collaboration and motivation. It's a lovely opportunity to build your network with new contacts and friends - even in these times of physical distancing!

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Delighted to announce our first speaker.

Professor Marcia Wilson is the Dean of the Office for Institutional Equity at the University of East London (UEL). She has a PhD in Sport Psychology from the University of Iowa, USA.

She has taught and researched in higher education for 29 years, as well as working for the Football Association for eight years. She is a mentor to both staff and students at the university. Marcia has won multiple awards for her work in higher education including the UEL Student-Led Teaching award for Best Lecturer (nominated by her students and winning from a field of over 400 lecturers); the Pay It Forward Inspirational Women’s Award and the Precious Leadership award. Marcia is also a Trustee for a Multi Academy Trust in East London.

Less than 0.5% of the senior managers in universities are Black women. This makes Marcia one the few Black women leaders in higher education in the UK. She uses her platform to raise awareness about inequalities in higher education and generate change within her institution and across the sector.

Ifeoma founded Idioblast, Dynamic Development (IDD) UK as a vehicle to seek innovative and dynamic ways to support art beyond acquisition - through engaging corporations, institutions, individuals and interior designers in the appreciation and acquisition of art. She is an art adviser, curator and source.
Ifeoma was born in Benin City, Nigeria where she had her formative years. She earned an MSc in Cognitive neuropsychology at Oxford Brooks University. As an experienced psychologist, she moved on to work as a commissioner for mental health services with local authorities.

Her passion for people and wellbeing, travel, art and culture, inspired her to launch her award winning business where art can be used as a medium for well-being, enjoyment, entertainment, events, philanthropy as well as for business.

Ifeoma is member of The Association of Women Art Dealers (AWAD), Association of Women In The Arts (AWITA), Honour Roll Member and National Museum of Women Artists (NMWA).

Lisa is the founder of Boogles Ltd, she launched the company in 2004 with £150, in the same month that she graduated from City University with a Masters degree in Investment Management. Lisa has never had a full-time 9 to 5 job in her life. She’s a serial entrepreneur and author who holds directorships in various industries including telecoms, property management, publishing, hair and beauty as well as finance.

Boogles Ltd is primarily a bookkeeping service, although it also provides bookkeeping training, and money workshops aimed at women – covering budgeting, money management, how money works and creating abundance.
Lisa won the PRECIOUS Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2007. 

This event is run in conjunction with the British Library’s Business & IP Centre


Name: Precious Nights Network Online
Where: Online
When: , 19:00 - 20:30
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