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This is an inspiring and practical workshop in which students will:

• Develop a basic understanding of the evolution of the book form

• Make and take away their own bound book, ready for a classroom display at school

The session begins with students being introduced to the history of the book by looking at a variety of images and handling different types of books. Then using the Treasures Gallery and public spaces for a ‘treasure hunt’, they will encounter illuminated manuscripts, Eastern printed books, and even a book that’s 5ft tall!

Back in the Learning Centre, students will spend the final hour creating their own book using basic bookbinding techniques. They will decorate the cover using a range of art materials taking inspiration from their findings from the many treasures on display in the Treasures Gallery.

Online Resources

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Age group: Year 3 - 6
When: Monday to Friday
Length: 90 minutes. Please allow more time after your workshop to explore the galleries and public spaces.
Group size:

minimum 10, maximum 30 per session

Key skills: Art, Creativity, Visual Literacy
Price: Admission: Free entry
Enquiries: +44 (0)20 7412 7797
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