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This workshop is inspired by the Library’s extensive collection of more than 4 million maps. It enables learners to build skills, knowledge and understanding of maps and mapmaking by exploring maps, not simply as geographic documents outlining the relationship between places and the possible routes from a to b, but also as primary sources that carry evidence to social, cultural, political and navigational practice and preference.

The workshop journeys from the Learning Centre, through the building and the Treasures Gallery to investigate the possibilities, limitations and consequences of diverse methods of mapping. Practical activities and creative research allow learners to test for themselves how the types of decisions a cartographer makes influence the construction of a map. Shared explorations of maps on display will develop learners' understanding of how mapping, surveying and planning can be - and has been - used to identify, analyse and present solutions to social problems, and to support particular viewpoints and interests. Maps will be revealed as objects of beauty as well as important stores of knowledge that influence the way we see the world and our position within it.

The workshop aims to develop students’ practical, analytical and cross-curricular research skills by touching upon subjects from many curriculum areas, including geography, history, citizenship, RE, English, maths, fine art and design. 

Online Resources

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Age group: Year 3 – 6
When: Monday to Friday
Length: 90 minutes. Please allow more time after your workshop to explore the galleries and public spaces.
Group size:

minimum 10, maximum 40 per session

Key skills: Geography, History, Citizenship, Art, Visual Literacy, Critical Thinking, Research
Price: Admission: Free entry
Enquiries: +44 (0)20 7412 7797
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