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Extend your learners’ digital research skills through this enquiry-led session. Learners explore the opportunities and challenges of online research and develop their understanding of different search engines and other digital tools. They also learn to use critical thinking to analyse the reliability and trustworthiness of web-based resources. A focus is placed on examining bias and fake news, on establishing and checking facts and how and when to value opinion-based material. Over the day each learner will have the opportunity to plan and undertake an individual research task, put into practice the use of advanced search tools and fact checking, and evaluate the success of their results and process. The day supports student-led research projects including the Extended Project Qualification.

The session will take place in the Learning Centre using laptops, an interactive whiteboard and other digital resources. Please note that, as with all our workshops, we’re unable to take groups into the Reading Rooms.

The students will be able to apply the skills developed in this session to project work, coursework, essay writing and the Extended Project Qualification.

This session is also available as:

• An INSET for school librarians, teachers and trainee teachers. Find out more about INSET days for teachers

Online Resources

My Digital Rights: This classroom resource encourages young people to debate their rights and responsibilities online, from cyberbullying and trolling to web censorship and freedom of speech.


Age group: Year 7 - 13
When: Monday to Friday
Length: Full day (10:30 - 2:30pm)
Group size:

minimum 10, maximum 20 for Year 7 - 9

minimum 10, maximum 30 for Year 10 - 13

PLEASE NOTE: if you want students to pursue individual research queries in the second part of the session, keep to a group size of 20 or fewer. Classes of 20 or more students will work in pairs or small groups for their research task. 

Key skills: Online Research, Information Literacy, Critical Thinking and Enquiry Skills for Humanities subjects
Price: Admission: Free entry
Enquiries: +44 (0)20 7412 7797
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