Should Jokes Be Woke? With Andrew Doyle and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

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Part of the Chortle Comedy Book Festival

It is a common refrain that ‘political correctness is killing comedy’ – that in a world of identity politics, concerns about ‘punching down’ are all-too easily triggered, leading comedians to shy away from any jokes that may cause offence.

Are increasing sensitivities stifling comedians, long seen as a bastion of free speech, and encroaching on their freedom to confront sensitive subjects with humour? Or is it right that stand-ups and writers are being called out to justify demeaning comments about already marginalised groups that could normalise abuse? Is comedy excused anything? Does it not have a role in making a better society? Or do those who object to controversial jokes make martyrs of the politically incorrect? Is ‘free speech’ really ever free?

Journalist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown – author of In Defence of Political Correctness – in spirited conversation with the comedian Andrew Doyle, who satirises identity politics with his Twitter persona Titania McGrath, author of the ‘manifesto’ Woke: A Guide to Social Justice.

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Name: Should Jokes Be Woke? With Andrew Doyle and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown
Where: Knowledge Centre
The British Library
96 Euston Road
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