Unlocking the power of sound: creative learning approaches for Primary

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Libraries and archives look after a huge variety of sound recordings, and this collective wealth of sound has amazing possibilities for classroom learning.

Join this free twilight CPD session from British Library Learning and Unlocking Our Sound Heritage Hub partners exploring ways of using sound recordings as stimulus for creative learning. You'll get an overview of ready-to-use content and a chance to engage in activities, boosting your knowledge and confidence so you are primed to use the resources with your learners right away. The event will also showcase web resources to support teaching and learning on this topic.

The evening will include taster sessions from British Library, London Metropolitan Archives, and Tyne and Wear Museum and Archives:

  • The British Library's Schools team will spotlight activities from their Listen Up! KS2 session, with playful, exploratory and mindful approaches to develop learners’ experience and confidence in responding to sounds. This onsite workshop and matching digital activities use recordings from a wide range of contexts, from wildlife sounds to world music, to gems from the earliest days of recorded sound.
  • Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums will talk about how sound was used as a creative tool to respond to the museum’s collections, imagine local history topics and explore the science of making sounds through the development of a Sound of Science workshop.
  • London Metropolitan Archives will share how they have engaged primary school children with audio describing games from the past and experimental music compositions. Learn how to use sounds from the past to encourage listening skills, critical thinking and creativity.


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Age group: Primary
When: , 16:30 - 18:00
Price: Admission: Free entry
Where: Online
Enquiries: learning@bl.uk
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