Unlocking the power of sound: using oral history sources for Secondary

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This free twilight CPD session from British Library Learning and Hub partners shares classroom-ready activities and resources created for Secondary history by partners in the Unlocking Our Sound Heritage project.

From the voices of the Windrush generation, to stories of the Blitz, we will showcase exciting new sources and approaches to support teaching of a range of topics. You'll get an overview of ready-to-use content and a chance to engage in activities, boosting your knowledge and confidence so you are primed to use the resources with your learners right away.

The evening will include taster sessions from British Library, London Metropolitan Archives, and Tyne and Wear Museum and Archives:

  • The British Library's Schools team will spotlight activities from their Windrush Voices workshop, showcasing the power of personal testimonies alongside collection content. Activities draw on oral histories from our sound archives and contextualise these with a range of source material. The session and the digital materials ask learners to reflect on curatorial processes as they encounter a wide variety of hidden voices brought into the spotlight
  • London Metropolitan Archives will highlight an online resource created in partnership with A New Direction which presents the work of Jessica and Eric Huntley as a lenses through which to discuss racism in Britain and black British history
  • Bristol Archives will provide ideas for ways of teaching topics such as Partition in 1947, and Bristol’s experience of the Blitz through using new learning resources featuring the unique sound archive from Bristol Archives


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Age group: Secondary
When: , 16:30 - 18:00
Price: Admission: Free entry
Where: Online
Enquiries: learning@bl.uk
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