Webinar: Business model canvas

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During the workshop we will introduce you to the Business Model Canvas – the world’s most popular strategic management and entrepreneurial business tool used extensively by business owners and corporate teams (www.strategyzer.com). 

• Allows you to design, describe and/or challenge your business plan
• Visual, one-page chart which is inherently simple, extremely effective and easy to maintain

The Canvas has nine inter-locking building blocks seen through three lenses:

• Desirability: Do customers want your product/service?
• Feasibility: Can we build and deliver it?
• Viability: Does it make financial sense?
• Plus, Adaptability: How does it fit into your current business model?

At the centre is the Value Proposition, which is the exchange of value between your business and your customer/clients.

Expected Outcomes:

Re-visit your existing business model, and adapt, or evaluate a new idea, or pivot if required. The workshop will help you build a practical and personalised strategy targeted at your key customer segments.


Name: Webinar: Business model canvas
Where: Online
When: , 11.00 - 12.30
Price: Admission: Free entry
Enquiries: bipcworkshops@bl.uk
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