Webinar: 'Fashion Upfront' (How to plan a commercially viable collection)

, 14.00 - 16.00
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Fashion Upfront helps plan a commercial collection. Invaluable in making the most of your creative process & earning what you deserve from it!

There is the “ART” and there is the “SCIENCE” and one can't exist without the other in the commercial world of fashion without each other. 

In this workshop we’ll look at:

  • Product and how to create the Brand Value Proposition 
  • Creating your brand vision based on market research and competitor analysis
  • How to test the market in terms of product assortment; the price points charged by product category; how and where it will be sold; and the marketing that will tell your brand’s story and push sales
  • The approach to creating a strong tech Pack
  • Product category pricing approach in terms of GOOD / BETTER / BEST
  • The Pange Plan
  • Marketing
  • The branding (e.g. labelling and ticketing) Logistics How much, how many, from where, to where? 
  • The support network that you’ll need to consider

About the presenter

Pete is an internationally experienced merchant who has worked in Retail and Wholesale for internationally recognised brands such as Levi Strauss-Dockers, Tommy Hilfiger, Timberland and J Barbour & Sons.


Pete also consulted for large UK businesses, which then led him to become, a creative industry focussed business adviser. Initially working with LSBC (London small business centre), as part of a London based business advisory team. 


With the above experience/background, Pete has developed strong business insights and an entrepreneurial approach to developing business strategies.

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Name: Webinar: 'Fashion Upfront' (How to plan a commercially viable collection)
Where: Online
When: , 14.00 - 16.00
Price: £35.00
Enquiries: bipcworkshops@bl.uk
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