Webinar: How to communicate your business model on your website

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A coherent and solid business model needs to be effective in more than just the eyes of you and your team. Potential clients need to get a clear image of how your business operates and feels, all while being persuaded to invent their time and money in your venture. To achieve this, an entrepreneur needs to successfully communicate their business model onto their website and I am going to show you how.

The session will impart the best methods and practice for translating your business model coherently onto your website, with knowledge taken from both practical and academic sources. Drawing from years of experience in business and web development, I will teach you how to build a website that will both inform and persuade potential clients into investing in your business.

We will discover:
  • How to make your business model clear to others.
  • Translating your ideas into persuasive selling points.
  • Design principles and flow of text.
  • The sales funnel and how to set one up.

Meet your speaker

Tonisha Tagoe, CEO of Apples and Pears Holdings and the Toolbox brands.

Join Tonisha Tagoe, CEO of Apples and Pears Holdings which includes brands such as The Enterprise Toolbox. Over the past 17 years, she has developed a bespoke methodology for supporting entrepreneurs and leaders on their journey to success, in addition to supplying the tools and resources required by those who are hungry to see their business bloom.

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Name: Webinar: How to communicate your business model on your website
Where: Online
When: , 14.00 – 16.00
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