Webinar: How to find and hire a genuine superstar without ever meeting them!

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It's never been harder to find and attract outstanding people to join your team.
How can that be when there are so many people looking for jobs?
The haystack with your needle in just got a lot bigger!
The task of recruiting for your company or team becomes nearly impossible and 100% unenjoyable for all if you're relying on 20th-century recruitment methods.
A bums-on-seats, CV and interview only approach to your recruitment just doesn't cut it.
Join Helen Sanders, the UK's leading recruiter for entrepreneurial and scale-up companies, for a hands-on training workshop. There will be plenty of discussion and Q&A time.
In this 2.5-hour online training, you'll discover:
  • a proven framework, the Your People Partners Playbook, on which you can base your next hiring process
  • the one thing you must do before you even think about advertising a new vacancy
  • the one thing you definitely should NOT do which nearly always leads to mis-hires
  • the fundamental step in your hiring plan you must never, ever skip
  • plus some quick wins to minimise hiring the wrong people
Your bonus:
You will leave the workshop with a proven framework proven to minimise or even negate the need for expensive recruitment fees and dealing with recruiters!
This hiring strategy has been developed over the last 23 years in the UK, US and European recruitment and HR markets helping thousands of companies hire retail, sales, marketing, C-level, admin, customer service and many more skill sets.

Is this workshop for you?
If you are:
  • a business owner aspiring to five employees or team members this year
  • a hiring manager within a company of five to fifty employees
  • or the business owner of a company 5 to 50 employees
Then yes, this is an ideal workshop for you.

You’ll learn a strategy which works for remote/virtual teams that you can maximise for your recruitment and company successes.

Most companies who utilise the Your People Partners Playbook are between five and fifty employees and are a mixture of B2B or B2C. Most are either business-owner-led and owned, or employee-owned.

About the BIPC

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Name: Webinar: How to find and hire a genuine superstar without ever meeting them!
Where: Online
When: , 09.00 - 11.30
Price: Admission: Free entry
Enquiries: bipcworkshops@bl.uk
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