Webinar: Kitchen Table Talks: adapting to the times with Julie Deane OBE

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Join Julie and the BIPC to hear the ways the Cambridge Satchel Company are adapting to the times and how, with creativity, practicality and optimism, we can continue to move forward.

Have you found yourself spending more time than ever around your kitchen table? Maybe you’ve been collaborating with team members over video call, or swapping nights out with home-cooked meals? Luckily the kitchen table can be just the place where great ideas can be born. Take it from Julie Deane. Starting at her very own kitchen table with a budget of just £600, her company - the Cambridge Satchel Company - has become one of the UK’s greatest retail success stories. Julie now invites you back to her kitchen table to share her experiences and thoughts for the future to help your own business thrive.

Julie will cover how going back to basics doesn’t mean downgrading ambition and growth, but instead, helps create focus where it’s needed and opens doors you may have overlooked. She will discuss how gaining clarity on the business you need to be today can help you make your money and resources go further.

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The event will hosted by the magnificent Madeline McQueen who works with leaders to help bring the clarity, confidence and empowerment that enables each to achieve more. She will be there to put your questions to Julie which you can submit in advance when you register.

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Name: Webinar: Kitchen Table Talks: adapting to the times with Julie Deane OBE
Where: Online
When: , 10.30 – 11.15
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