Webinar: Should I quit my job to start a business?

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Are you sitting on the fence wondering whether to quit your job to start something new?

Whether you’re nervous about making the jump to start a new business, or you’ve just taken the leap and are feeling a little overwhelmed, join us to decide your next steps and the easiest way to make the transition.

In a nutshell

By the end of this event you’ll know…

  • The best time to start your business
  • If and when to hand in your notice
  • Whether your “why?" is big enough
  • Ways to make the change while retaining peace of mind
  • How to test the market for your idea before you start
  • How to make sure your expenditure doesn't outstrip your earnings
  • The pros and cons of choosing co-founders
  • How to fund the early stages of your business
  • How to gain low-cost traction
  • How to establish a network that will help you grow
  • How to bring along those around you, especially family and friends
  • Mistakes to avoid to save you time, energy and stress!
  • How to maintain your health and wellbeing - and avoid burnout
  • Actionable advice and steps you can take right away
  • How other entrepreneurs are doing it successfully!

Extra guidance

This event includes a BONUS tool that you can use to take action on your plans immediately, as well as further free help and resources.

Who is this event for?

Anyone who is thinking of starting a business or has just begun. Grab a cuppa tea for this fun, relaxed event with Rasheed and Paul to reflect on the bumpy journey we’ve been on in recent years, and to formulate a clear game plan for the months ahead.

Your Questions

This session is all about YOU. Come with your questions and challenges on your business and we'll help you turn them into ideas and simple shortcuts for success. We want you to leave feeling inspired, connected and invigorated to take action!

Expert Speakers

Both presenters have been where you are and have coached thousands of entrepreneurs to make the successful transition from employee to entrepreneur.

Rasheed Ogunlaru is the life and business coach at the Business & IP Centre, joining as a partner 15 years ago. Rasheed runs several of the British Library’s most popular workshops, particularly those with a focus on networking and building a values-led business that speaks to your customer. As a life coach, leadership and business coach, Rasheed works with entrepreneurs, entertainers and organisations such as the NHS and is also the author of the book Soul Trader – Putting the Heart Back into Your Business.

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Paul Grant has been running workshops and masterclasses for more than a decade at the Business & IP Centre, principally focusing on funding and growing a business. As an entrepreneur, funding expert and strategic coach, he applies real-world startup and fundraising experience to help founders and entrepreneurs launch and grow successful businesses.

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P.S. You don't need a camera to attend this event. Just a cup of tea.

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Name: Webinar: Should I quit my job to start a business?
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When: , 18:30 - 20:00
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