Webinar: The new freelancers guide to winning clients in post-COVID world

, 14.00 - 16.00

You’re a consultant, freelancing and don’t know where to start when it comes to selling. You have questions like:
  • How to have zoom meetings, if you can’t meet in person?
  • How to talk about your product/ services without chewing off their ear?
  • How do you explain the value?
  • Why should they chose you?
  • How to keep the client engaged?
All without being pushy or salesy, and being your authentic self?

This sales webinar for beginners is ideal for you if:
  • You’re an introvert
  • You’ve changed careers, for whatever reason, to start freelancing / consulting
  • You can’t stand selling or selling intimidates you

After the event you will:

  1. Have clarity on where and how to start a “sales conversation”
  2. Anis will show you how to build trust with prospects in ZOOM meetings or in-person, without being fake-friendly, so they want to buy from you.
  3. Having transformed from a shy, socially-awkward person to sales maven, Anis will show you her mindful method to instantly boost your confidence before meetings, without fake-it-till you make it bluster or needing a personality transplant, so you can show up as your brilliant self in meetings.
  4. Learn the difference between what freelancers say and what buyers buy when it comes to explaining what you do and why it matters; and learn how to speak your buyers language so they GET what you’re selling.
  5. You will also learn the biggest mistakes that make sales meetings a massive flop and a waste of time, and how to avoid them.
  6. Having sold in thousands of meetings, across twenty countries and multiple industries, Anis will show you a critical conversation you must always have with your prospects if you ever hope to win the sale.
  7. Learn how to “ask” so they say “YES” without being awkward or pushy.
  8. You’ll get an opportunity to role-play your new skills if you want, so you leave filled with confidence, use them straight away and start enjoying results.
And all of this without being salesy, pushy, slimy, or requiring a personality transplant. It will be fun, engaging.

It’s definitely NOT for those who:

  • Have had formal sales training or have +3 years sales experience
  • Are sales professionals selling for their employer
  • Are ONLY selling digitally with no human interaction. But if you need to learn to build partnerships with people, so you can sell online, then definitely come along
  • Want to learn fast manipulative techniques to close deals just so you can hit your target
What’s different about this webinar
  • You might not have the typical traits of a salesperson. The workshop is led by an introvert and former social awkwardite and painfully shy person who thrived in a corporate career. You will learn how you too can sell by being yourself
  • You will learn a calm, mindful approach to sales, so you can grow with you soul intact
What people have said about Anis’ session
Anis was fantastic, lovely energy, with amazing tips and advise. Learnt many new things that should help in my new role.

Helpful practical tools that could be applied in a wide variety of scenarios

Very useful exercises, really got great value out of it.
Very informative.I liked the exercises
Lots of useful advice, thanks Anis”
What a great session. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Inspiring.
The session was practical, full of tips. It was very honest and sincere approach, it really resonated with my own values.
Good mix of activity, psychology, theory and street smarts.
More confident than I was when I first came in.
It left me filled with confidence!
Go on, reserve your seat, below.
Come and learn a mindful approach to selling, so you can sell without the stress, grow your business and do what you love. 

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Name: Webinar: The new freelancers guide to winning clients in post-COVID world
Where: Online
When: , 14.00 - 16.00
Price: £50
Enquiries: bipcworkshops@bl.uk
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