What’s on the Menu? Food Choices in Contemporary Life

What’s on the Menu?

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Join researchers, chefs and food writers to discuss what influences our food choices and the impact these choices have

From food risks and health issues to eating for pleasure, join Professor Hazel Inskip, the leader of a major social study that assessed the diet and body composition of thousands of women over time, award-winning food writer Felicity Cloake, and chef, blogger and author Anthony Warner (also known as The Angry Chef) in conversation with Polly Russell on how we make food choices and the impact these choices have.

In western societies food has never been more plentiful or desirable. Food is one of the most frequently photographed of all subjects on Instagram and restaurants compete to produce visually appealing, clever meals. The link between diet and fitness has become a site for hyper-consumption such that the personal trainer The Body Coach has written one of the most successful diet and cookery books in the UK. At the same time, food is a constant source of anxiety, with new risks reported in the press daily. Furthermore, increasing divisions of wealth within society mean that access to food, and especially quality food, shows huge inequalities: not everyone is able to make food choices on the same basis.

Food has always been more culturally meaningful than simply ‘fuel’, but what can we understand about our relationship to food in contemporary society? How do we balance pleasure and health in our consumption of food? And ultimately, how do we make decisions about what we feed ourselves and our loved ones, and what impact does this have on our life and health?

With the Cohort & Longitudinal Studies Enhancement Resources (CLOSER)


Name: What’s on the Menu? Food Choices in Contemporary Life
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