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Following the emergence of the cost-of-living crisis, consumers across the globe are making more informed choices about their purchasing habits. This is based on affordability where it previously was based on brand reputation, customer service, convenience, value or any combination of these options.  

So how do you influence, manage and maintain the relationships you want to have with your customers and stakeholders in challenging times? That is the premise of this session: to support you as a business owner in leveraging PR effectively and efficiently to maximise your growth strategy as your business recovers from the impact of the pandemic.  Additionally, this workshop ensures that you avoid the detrimental pitfalls many large, and unprepared businesses, organisations and entrepreneurs fall victim to due to a lack of implementation of a few integral steps.

This workshop will support businesses that want to:

  • Develop an inclusive communication strategy
  • Access vertical markets to increase your customer database
  • Learn strategies to increase your ROI on your marketing
  • Increase visibility across multiple social media channels
  • Increase brand identity across multiple media channels

So that your business and the company you support can achieve their short, mid, and long-term goals to:

  • Improve your businesses reputation
  • Increase your sales opportunities
  • Build a robust and engaged database
  • Increase a diverse audience database

This workshop has the ability to increase:

  • Your social media following and interaction
  • Your share of voice in the press
  • Brand awareness amongst your customer base and followers
  • Your status as a memorable reference and recommendation within your sector and industry

Before attending this workshop, please be sure to have a notepad and pen/pencil and your list of KPIs and short, mid, and long-term goals.

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About your speaker:

Nicola Millington has 23 years of experience in communications, and is the founder of FP Comms, a boutique public relations agency that works with businesses and entrepreneurs for over 15 years. 

FP Comms is a recognised voice within public relations for equity, equality and ethics in the business environment. Some of their clients include Notting Hill Carnival, Aspire Consulting, Waltham Forest Business and the London Borough of Redbridge. 

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Name: Reset. Restart: Practical public relation strategies
When: , 11.00 – 12.30
Price: Admission: Free entry
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