Write like a poet

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Respond to poems by James Berry, Grace Nichols and John Agard in this fun and interactive creative writing workshop for KS2.

The session begins with reading, watching or listening to the work of the three poets, observing the differences between their early notebook drafts and the finished versions. Pupils then choose their favourite poem and write a creative, personal response drawing on their own related experiences and moving through at least two drafts. At the end of the workshop there is an opportunity for any pupil who wishes to share their work to perform it in front of the class.

Where: this workshop will take place at your school. It is available to Leeds schools with LS postcodes only
Available from: 18 September 2023
Morning or afternoon sessions available


Age group: Key Stage 2
Length: 2 hours
Group size:

 Single class

Key skills:

Understand and experience creative writing as an iterative process

Understand and experience poetry as an oral as much as a literary art form

Appreciate and understand poetry through creative, personal responses to stimuli

Enquiries: leeds.learning@bl.uk