Terms of use of digitised Hebrew manuscripts

The material from the British Library's Hebrew collection featured in the Hebrew Manuscript resource and on the Digitised Manuscripts website is primarily intended for the purposes of non-commercial private study, teaching, learning and research. The use of digital image files for these purposes remains freely accessible without charge to readers.

The Library may charge fees for the use of digital files for editorial or commercial purposes and may partner with third-party vendors that offer products for sale using the digital images. The Library may also charge fees for digital files that are in high-resolution format suitable for professional print reproduction.

We do ask that users treat the collection items on this website with respect, by considering cultural, religious and ethical sensitivities when using the material. The Library respects intellectual property rights, as well as ethical, moral and traditional knowledge concerns. Please read this Ethical terms of use guide for more information. To the best of our knowledge, all manuscripts made available online are free of copyright and there are no privacy breaches. If you have any comments or questions about copyrights, please contact us.