Science and medicine

Mathematics, astronomy, astrology and medicine have been studied and developed by Jewish scholars for many generations. From the alignment of the stars to the zodiac, explore these works and how they were transmitted.
A Christian calendar in the Northern French Hebrew Miscellany (Sacha Stern)

A Christian calendar in the Northern French Hebrew Miscellany

Article by:
Sacha Stern

The Northern French Hebrew Miscellany (Add MS 11639), dated around 1278 CE, is one of the richest treasures in the British Library. Professor Sacha Stern examines the inclusion of an unusual Christian calendar in this unique manuscript.

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Palaeography: Scribes and the Transmission of Hebrew Scientific Works (Israel Sandman)

Palaeography: scribes and the transmission of Hebrew scientific works

Article by:
Israel Sandman

Before the age of printing, the texts and layouts of Hebrew works were not standardised. This is because the transmission of works was out of the hands of their authors and in the hands of scribes. Dr Israel Sandman considers the intervention of scribes when copying Hebrew scientific works.

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Science and medicine

From the alignment of the stars to the zodiac, what were the scientific works of Jews and how were they transmitted?

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