Explore the British Library: How to request items in your basket

Example of records in your basket in the Library's catalogue

From your catalogue basket, you can place multiple orders at once, or order items in advance of a visit to the Reading Rooms

If you wish to request all items in your basket for the same date, you can select all items and then just change the date once.

If you wish to order more than one item in your basket, but want items delivered on different days, you should specify the date required for each item before you select any of the items.

To request items in your basket:

  • Click in the check box to select the item(s)
  • Check the Date required; the initial date displayed will be for the earliest delivery date possible. If you wish to change the date:
    • Click the date displayed
    • Use the pop-up calendar, to select the date you require
  • Select a Reading Room 
  • Click Request; a pop-up window confirms whether the request was successful
  • Close this pop-up and you return to Explore the British Library.

Please check My Reading Room Requests before you set off to the Library to make sure your items have arrived.

Managing your basket

You can have up to 30 items in your basket at any one time. Items remain in your basket:

  • Until they are requested
  • Until you remove them
  • For 90 days, after which they are removed automatically.

NB: Whilst items remain in your basket for up to 90 days they are still available for other people to request.

If you wish to delete items from your basket, select them using the check box, then click Delete. You will then be asked to confirm your deletions.

If you don't want to order any more items, nor return to Explore the British Library, please Log out.