Teachers' Notes and Student Activities

Here you can download notes and activities to accompany the two Sacred interactives. The Teachers' Notes outline general objectives for the site and provide information about how to navigate both resources.

The Student Activities focus on the five themes: Then and now, Whose Text, Authority and Belief, Meaning and Interpretation and Connections. Material relating to these themes can be found in Understanding Sacred Texts.

Download Teachers' Notes (PDF)

Download Student Activities (PDF)

Alternatively, you might wish to explore activities developed as part of British Library Learning events and projects.

In the Beginning is a short film by the British Library's Young Researchers. Watch their film and do some of the activities they did on their creative journey.

Believing in London was an interfaith conference for 100 young Londoners. Listen to their views on a variety of faith related topics and run some of the same debates in your classroom.