Activity 3. Bodies of metaphor


Our relationships with bodies are intimately embedded in our language through metaphors. We refer to the 'mouth of a cave' and the 'foot of a mountain'. We give someone 'a hand' and keep our 'ear to the ground'. Think of how you associate random objects with different body parts, and make up your own metaphors. Present these to the rest of the class using image, word or performance, and allow them to interpret their meaning.

Visual Analogy

Look at the work of Fritz Kahn and discuss how he uses the city, its technology and industry to explain the body and its functions? Is he simply using the body and the city as analogies of what we already know, or is he also voicing an opinion on industrial advance and advocating a particular role for the body, somebody or everybody? Create your own visual analogy for the body. Let others decide if it simply explains the physical body or also alludes to a particular social, cultural or ideological view.

You can continue your own independent research on the of use of the body as metaphor in architecture science or medicine and in artworks such as 'The City Of The Drawers' (1936) by Salvador Dali and the ongoing series of works titled 'Femme Maison' by Louise Bourgeois(1940's -).