Stories from the Golden Haggadah

The Golden Haggadah was created in Spain during the 1300s, for a wealthy Jewish family in Barcelona. A haggadah is a prayer book that is used during the Jewish festival of Passover. The haggadah, which literally means 'telling', is read as part of a series of rituals performed by Jewish families during the Passover festival. Passover commemorates the Isrealites' escape from slavery in Egypt over 3000 years ago, and the haggadah tells this story. Written in Hebrew, the haggadah also outlines the Passover rituals, in which special foods are eaten, songs are sung, stories are told, and the concept of freedom is celebrated. The haggadah encourages Jewish children to get involved by questioning and engaging in discussions with their families. There are thousands of different versions of the Haggadah, and the Golden Haggadah is a particularly beautiful and special version.


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Enslavement of the Israelites


The Ten Plagues of Egypt

The Passover

The Escape from Egypt