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The following articles by kind permission of Sally Pomme Clayton, 2005:

  • 'Inside the Sea of Stories'
  • 'Meeting a Story - the Ramayana'
  • 'Ramayana Synopsis' - Used in the following pages 'Overview', 'Princess Sita's Kidnap, 'Hanuman in Lanka', 'Hanuman's Leap to Lanka', 'Hanuman and the medicine mountain', 'The Final Battle', 'Sita's Fire Test'
  • 'Life of Ferdowsi'
  • 'Shahname Historical and Cultural Questions'

The following articles by kind permission of Pamela Marre, 2005:

  • 'Golden Haggadah - the Book and its Stories'
  • 'The Golden Haggadah - First Responses'


British Library online resources to explore the Ramayana, Shahname or Golden Haggadah

  • Online Gallery - Mythical Quests - Rama's Quest for Sita
  • Images Online - a database of digital images from the British Library's Picture Library 
  • 'Expressions of faith' - virtual exhibition on the British Library's Collect Britain website. A group of celebrities from different faiths choose their favourite sacred manuscripts from the British Library.
  • Turning the Pages - leaf through the book of the Golden Haggadah online.