Rostam marries Princess Tahmina



While out hunting Rostam awoke from his sleep to find Rakhsh had gone missing. He was distraught at losing his beloved horse and he tracked him as far as the city of Samangan. Here he greeted the King and asked for his help to find Rakhsh.

While in Samangan, Rostam met the king's lovely daughter Tahmina. The Shahname describes her as elegant as a cypress tree. One night she came to his room:

' My name is Tahmineh; longing has torn

  My wretched life in two, though I was born

  The daughter of the king of Samangan,

  And am descended from a warrior clan.

  But like a legend I have heard the story

  Of your heroic battles and your glory,

  Of how you have no fear, and face alone

  dragons and demons and dark unknown

  Of how you sneak into Turan at night

   And prowl the borders to provoke a fight,

   Of how, when warriors see your mace, they quail

   And feel their lionhearts within them fail.

   I bit my lip to hear such talk, and knew

   I longed to see you, to catch sight of you,

   To glimpse your martial chest and mighty face-

   And now God brings you to this lowly place.

   If you desire me, I am yours, and none

   Shall see or hear of me from this day on.'

But their time together was brief, because once Rakhsh was found, Rostam departed for his homeland. Nine months later Tahmina gave birth to a son Sohrab, who grew up to be a warrior like his father Rostam.