Inside Story

Journey to fantastical lands in three epic tales from around the world. Explore stories of courage, strength and adventure in the 11th century Iranian poem The Shahname; investigate stories of monkeys, bears and magic battles in the ancient Hindu epic The Ramayana; and delve into tales of plagues and parted seas in the Jewish prayer book The Haggadah.


As a creative researcher you can be inspired to explore these epic and sacred stories, and to think about their cultural contexts. Why are these stories so important?  How do they 'live' in the telling? What connections do we make?

The Storyteller's Corner section contains images and source material for each story, as well as synopsis, further reading, articles and updates by the project's leading creative researchers.

Background to the project

Inside Story began life as a creative research project involving young people from primary schools in Leeds, York and Rotherham. Their ideas helped create a touring exhibition exploring starting points and materials from three epic tales: the Ramayana, the Shahname, and the Haggadah.