Historical Sources

This section explores 14 sources from the Chartists' campaign for electoral reform. These sources, which include newspaper articles, cartoons, pamphlets, maps and more span the entire period in which the Chartists were operating.

Source 1: Peterloo Massacre

Source 2: 1832 Reform Act

Source 3: Minute Book of the London Working Men's Assocation

Source 4: The People's Charter

Source 5: Chartist Newspapers

Source 6: Chartist meeting at Kennington Common

Source 7: Female Chartists

Source 8: The Secret Ballot

Source 9: Newport Rising

Source 10: O'Connorville

Source 11: Praise for the Police

Source 12: Cartoon of a Chartist Procession

Source 13: Chartist Poetry

Source 14: Bath Protectorate Society Poster