Pro-slavery sources

Popular opinion was, for the most part, in favour of the abolition of the slave trade from the end of the eighteenth century onwards. However, some individuals and groups supported the slave trade and wished for it to continue. Often these individuals or groups had an economic interest in slavery - some owned plantations in the Caribbean, others manufactured restraints (such as chains) that were used on the plantations and others profited from the trade goods, such as sugar and tobacco, that were brought back from the Caribbean.

Some of the following sources reveal the views of those who continued to support slavery and the slave trade. Others criticise the abolition campaign and its methods.

Source 10 - Cruikshank's cartoon

Source 11 - The Benevolent Planters

Source 12 - A Planter's Letter

Source 13 - An Economic defence

Source 14 - Royal Gazette

Source 15 - Working class slavery