Teacher's Notes

British Library Learning inspires people to do their own research. This question based approach will get students thinking, and talking and challenging. We hope that the investigation process will allow students to gain a deeper understanding and inspire them to go on and research creatively by themselves.

This topic concentrates on detailed examination of a single source from the 'Reformation' question, which has been chosen because of its wealth of information about reformation and its versatility as a source.

You may want to do some initial preparatory work on the events and implications of the Reformation under Henry VIII and his successors, and to use this exercise as a summary or round-up of the points made. It can also be useful cross-over work for students in how to use such ICT tools as word processors or graphics applications to prepare visual material based on the online resources.

Another approach may be to ask the students to write a paragraph to explain why the source is useful to historians