Danish police

"they were unwilling to deport the Jews"
Eugene Heimler



Image of men behind bars

"Then I was taken to this Block 23. Next to us, but approachable, were the Danish police in their military Danish uniform. They were deported because they were unwilling to deport the Jews to the Gestapo, so 'en bloc' they are giving themselves up, march into the Gestapo headquarters, and from there they were taken to Buchenwald. Proud, decent people. One policeman by the name of Niels Ahlmark was very friendly with me. By that time the winter was coming and he gave me his, one of the spare military uniforms, underwear, trousers, what you have, and military cap. And also he gave me from his rations, part of his rations. So that helped."


Eugene Heimler
Born 1922, Szombathely, Hungary.
Ghetto. Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Troglitz camps, then back to Buchenwald. Berger-Elster, death march to Czech border, escaped, taken to partisans. Arrived in England 1947. Three marriages, two children, one grandchild. Died December 1990.