Going into hiding

"a secret wall into one room"
Fela Bernstein



Image of German soldier checking papers

"We were preparing to go into hiding. My family, my mother and I and my brother and my sister, and friends, we were in hiding. We went into hiding, like Anne Frank. Our friends' home, they had like a shed in the yard, and we went in there at night, one night, because we knew our area where we lived in the ghetto was getting emptied out, so we went on the other side: still in the ghetto but at a different part. And we went to my mother's friends and we all made like a plan to go into hiding, these friends and another neighbour with her children. And we had a neighbour that was in the Jewish police force, he hid his family. He had built on a wall, a secret wall into one room, the end of a room, and he put his wardrobes flush against the wall, so he locked us up. So we all went in there one night, took all our belongings, because they were coming nearer to our district, you know, the clearing out."


Fela Bernstein

Born 1927, Lodz, Poland.

Lodz ghetto. Ravensbruck and Auschwitz camps. Via Dachau to Ravensbruck again, Millhausen and Belsen. Liberated 1945. Arrived in England 1948. Married, two children.