"the wagons were full of people"
Barbara Stimler



Image of people boarding a train

"One Sunday two SS men came. And I had my rucksack always ready there, and my mother was lying there and I just stood in the door. I was afraid even to go to say to her, to say goodbye, because they would kill me and her together. I just stood in the door and I said, 'Mama, Goettchen be with us,' and so I left. I don't know what happened to her at all. They took me to the wagons there and the wagons were full of people. In the corner was a couple with a baby, and they were trying to heat up with a candle some water or milk, I don't know. We went into the wagons they gave us a bread; in the middle of the wagon was a barrel with water, which was not covered. And I was not concerned for myself, I was concerned for my mother, what's going to happen to her. I started to get...all these people one on top of each other. The wagon started going, so the barrel started to go backwards and forwards and all the water is splashing around. Here people need to go to the loo, here people need to...agh! It was a nightmare. How long I have been there I don't know."


Barbara Stimler

Born 1927, Alexsandrow, Poland.

Camp in Kutno, Lodz/Litzmannstadt ghetto, Auschwitz camp 1943, work camp at Pirshkow. Death march to Odra. Liberated by Russians. Married, two children.