Everday life

"I was about to get on a train"
Anonymous Survivor



Image of woman in Crowd

"You asked how I occupied myself. This was it: visiting relatives, playing, going to school, skating on Saturdays, visiting Grandmother on Sundays. I've got a photo of my mother, father, grandfather the Sunday before I came to England; it's a historic photo. And we look so innocent; we're sitting in a café, the trees are in bloom, it's mid-summer, my mother's got a 1930s dress on and a smart hat. You wouldn't think anybody had a care in the world, and I was about to get on a train in order to have my life saved. My grandfather was shot in the street a few months later and my parents went to concentration camps and got killed. And to look at us you wouldn't have believed anything was happening, it's just quite ridiculous."


Born 1932, Prague, Czechoslovakia.
Kindertransport to England 1939. Fostered. 1966 moved to Canada, moved back to England 1986. Married, three children.