Anti-Semitism in the classroom

"it's not your fault that you are inferior"
Peter Prager



measuring a girl's nose

"When I went to the Grunewald gymnasium, one of the things which I remember particularly was when we had the lesson, which we were all taught, that Jews were inferior. Because the biology teacher made all the Jewish children, there were three of us, stand up, and he had a drawing on the board of Jewish heads, and he was trying to show that our Jewish heads had a different shape from the Aryan heads, and therefore we were inferior. And he said it in a quite pleasant way; he said to us, "Well, don't be frightened, it's not your fault that you are inferior, but that's just the way nature has made Jews."


Peter Prager
Born 1923, Berlin, Germany.
Kindertransport 1938 to Southampton. Interned. With British Army 1945 in Germany. Married.