"they wouldn't let the Polish children out"
Barbara Stimler



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"When I was going to the elementary school with the Polish girls, I didn't feel so much, I didn't understand then. Because I started the nursery when I was five; you don't understand these things yet. When Passover came they wouldn't let the Polish children out, because they used to say that the Jewish people would catch them and kill them for blood. My friends were stoned and all this, I mean throwing stones at them; not stoned to death but throwing stones at, and this I know for the fact."


Barbara Stimler
Born 1927, Alexsandrow, Poland.
Camp in Kutno, Lodz/Litzmannstadt ghetto, Auschwitz camp 1943, work camp at Pirshkow. Death march to Odra. Liberated by Russians. Married, two children.