Preparing to leave for England

"I just understood we had to get out"
Anonymous Survivor



Image of woman carrying child

"Now, I remember very well preparing to come over to England. My mother explained it all to me. I didn't fully understand about Hitler, but I just understood we had to get out. We had to keep it from my paternal grandmother because the scene she would have made would have been too horrific, and she would have tried to stop me leaving, so we had to keep up a charade, to pretend that I wasn't going and I would be seeing her the next week. And my mother and I packed two cases, we were each allowed two, and into one she put all the family linen; there was a great deal of embroidered work which her mother had done, very beautiful stuff. And I was able to choose my clothes and my toys and she helped me as best she could, and prepared me as best she could. She also taught me a little bit of English, but not very much, I only knew one or two phrases. I was six and a half."


Born 1932, Prague, Czechoslovakia.
Kindertransport to England 1939. Fostered. 1966 moved to Canada, moved back to England 1986. Married, three children.