Life slowly changes

"you must give up this, that and the other"
Lily Fischl



Image of a family

"Life changed immediately really, because the orders came from the Jewish community, you must give up your radio, you must give up your electric iron, you must give up this, that and the other. And so one slowly had to give up one's comforts. Also, after all they then had this operation, and we had to leave the house, and before that I was… organised the transport of my children to England. There was constantly something one had to look after, so life stopped, the normal life stopped immediately. Even before, because I knew something was coming; I had the intuition that one couldn't stay there and I had prepared furniture and everything for moving to England, or to Palestine. And so life was changed completely."


Lily Fischl
Born 1898, Vienna, Austria.
To Prague when married, sent children to England 1939. To Theresienstadt camp 1942, husband died there 1944. Auschwitz, Oederan, Theresienstadt camps. Liberated 1945. Arrived in England in 1946 and reunited with her two children.