The Widdowes Treasure - Dyes and Ipocras

use it, mingle it Gumme water.


An other Greene.

Take green Bayes, steep it alone it vineger, then straine it through a linnen cloth, and grinde it with a little Honie and Gum water.


An Emeralde Greene.

Take Verdigrece, Litarge, Quicksilver brayed to powder, and ground with the pisse of a young childe.


For to make a colour like Golde.

Take an ounce of Orpiment, one ounce of fine Christall, braye them severallie, and mingle with them the white of an Egge.

Take Saffron dryed, beaten into powder, and put to it as much glittering Orpiment that is scaly and not earthie, then with the gall of an Hare or a Pyke, braye them togeather, put them in some violl under dunghill five daies, then take it out and keep it, for it is the colour of Golde.


A notable receite to make Ipocras


Take of Ginger two dragmes, of Sinamon and of Cloves, Nutmegs and Galanga, of each a quarter of an ounce, stampe them, and put them in a bagge or strainer. Then take a pinte of the best red or white wine that you can get, or a pinte of good malmesie, and mire them altogether, then take a pound of Sugar fined, and having stamped it, put it into the other Wine, and so poure it upon the stryner wherein you did put the saide Wine with spices, then having taken it out, you must poure it on againe, so often untill it become as cleere as it was before, styrring it sometime in the Strainer or bag, with this speciall note, that that is but to make a flaggon full: therefore as you will have it in quantitie, take the more store of the saide thinges: you may binde a little Bulke in a faire linnen cloth at the end of a Strayner, so that all the substance may run over it, so that it shall have the odour of Muske.

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