Digital Pathways: World War One


Suitable for: Year 7 - 13

Available: Monday – Friday from 19 June until 12 October 2014

Length: Full day (10 - 3pm)

Group size: minimum 10, maximum 20 for Year 7 - 9
                  minimum 10, maximum 30 for Year 10 - 13

Subject and Key Skills

Online Research, Information Literacy, Critical Thinking and Enquiry Skills for History students

Workshop outline

Digital Pathways develops digital research skills through an enquiry-led session.

From 19 June-12 October 2014 we will be offering Digital Pathways with a First World War focus. Students will begin by developing a research question inspired by an object in our display, Enduring War: Grief, Grit and Humour, and enhanced by further information gained from a variety of online sources, including the British Library's new World War One website. By investigating this object, students will be led through a series of research activities all of which will assist in developing their critical thinking, information literacy and enquiry skills. Tasks will include the effective use of search engines, how to assess the reliability of online content, and a discussion on copyright and plagiarism issues. Having undertaken their research, the second part of the day will give students the opportunity to produce an output (for example a film, website or animation) that they feel will most effectively communicate their findings.

The session will take place in the Harry M Weinrebe Learning Centre using laptops, an interactive whiteboard and other digital resources. Please note that, as with all our workshops, we’re unable to take groups into the Reading Rooms.

The students will be able to apply the skills developed in this session to project work, coursework and essay writing.

This session is also available as:

  • A general digital research workshop, particularly suitable for students undertaking the Extended Project Qualification. For more information click here.

Pre-visit activities

  • Before your visit, ask students to think of 2-3 websites they have used for school work or research. What was useful about each? What could have made them better?

Post-visit activities

  • After your visit, you will be emailed a pack with information on the resources used in the session and suggestions for other tools your students can use. Explore these in the classroom to expand students’ research and further improve their presentation skills.

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