Ways of Reading

William Blake's Notebook - Why Read? Why Write?


Suitable for: Year 10 - 13

Available: Monday - Friday

Length: 90 minutes. Please allow more time after your workshop to explore the galleries and public spaces

Group size: minimum 10

Subjects and Key Skills

English Literature, English Language, Media Studies

Workshop outline

Using original manuscripts on display in the British Library’s Treasures Gallery, students will explore a range of approaches to reading, beginning with a discussion about the significance of reading and our own personal response to a given text.

The workshop will explore ways in which the author, editor and publisher make changes to the text. Working in groups, students will discover how social, political and biographical factors influence the way in which the text is written and received. Students will consider the significance of the drafting process and what it tells us about the received text. The group will then explore a variety of theoretical approaches, from Feminist to Marxist, and debate the ways in which this can affect our appreciation of the text.

Pre- and post-visit activities

Our English language and literature pages contain a wealth of free resources for teachers and students to access before and after this workshop.

Ready to book?

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