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  • Citizenship

    Explore a variety of Citizenship lesson plans for use in the primary, secondary & further education classroom
  • English Language

    Explore a variety of English Language lesson plans & resources for use in the primary, secondary & further education classroom
  • English Literature

    Explore a variety of English Literature lesson plans for use in the primary, secondary & further education classroom
  • Religious Studies

    Explore a variety of Religious Studies lesson plans for use in the primary, secondary & further education classroom
  • Geography

    Explore a variety of Geography lesson plans for use in the primary & secondary classroom
  • History

    Explore a variety of History lesson plans for use in the primary, secondary & further education classroom
  • History of Art

    Explore a variety of History of Art lesson plans for use in the secondary & further education classroom
  • Music

    Explore a variety of Music lesson plans for use in the secondary classroom

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  • Discovering Literature: 20th century

    Explore the ways in which key 20th-century authors & playwrights experimented with new forms & themes to capture the fast-changing world around them.
  • Discovering Literature: Romantics & Victorians

    Discover some of our greatest literary treasures from the Romantic & Victorian periods, & learn about the historical, social & political contexts in which they were written & set.
  • Discovering Literature: Restoration & 18th century

    Explore the lives and works of key writers from a period that ushered in political unrest, social change & new literary forms.
  • Discovering Literature: Shakespeare & Renaissance writers

    Learn more about the world of Shakespeare & Renaissance writers through the images & ideas that shaped their imaginations. Explore a range of critical views on key plays & poems, in over 100 newly-commissioned articles.
  • Discovering Literature: Medieval

    Explore unique collection items & expert articles relating to some of the earliest works of English literature & most influential figures in literary history.
  • Discovering Sacred Texts

    Discovering Sacred Texts provides free resources exploring some of the world’s great faiths.
  • Georgian Britain

    The Georgian period was a time a great change, as cities grew, trade expanded & popular culture blossomed. The Georgians witnessed the birth of industrialisation; radicalism & repression; & extreme luxury alongside extreme.
  • Magna Carta

    Explore the origins & 800-year legacy of Magna Carta, & discover its relevance to justice, liberty & the law today. This unique collection of historical sources is contextualised through articles & videos from leading experts.
  • My Digital Rights

    Magna Carta: My Digital Rights provides free classroom resources to support students & teachers as they consider their rights, safety & responsibilities online.
  • Playtimes

    A collection of articles, film & audio recordings documenting 100 years of children’s songs, rhymes & games. Explore the ways these games can develop friendships, language & literacy.
  • Sisterhood & After

    Listen to the women at the forefront of Britain’s Women’s Liberation Movement in the 1970s & 80s. Learn about what motivated the movement & how women & society reacted to the fight for equality.
  • The Middle Ages

    Illustrated manuscripts reveal much about the everyday lives of people from across the social spectrum. Explore images of the rich and poor, men & women, the living & the dead & what they teach us about Medieval Britain.
  • Victorian Britain

    The Victorian period in Britain was one of huge industrial & technological change, shocking divisions between rich & poor, sensational crimes, spectacular entertainments for the masses, & grand attempts to combat squalor & disease.
  • Votes for Women

    In 1918 the Representation of the People Act granted some women the right to vote in parliamentary elections, & the Equal Franchise Act of 1928 gave men & women equal voting rights for the first time.
  • West Africa: Word, Symbol, Song

    Literature & music from the great African empires of the Middle Ages to the cultural dynamism of West Africa today. Fascinating stories from the region’s 17 nations show how West Africans have harnessed the power of words to build societies, drive political movements, sustain faiths & fight injustice.
  • West India Regiments

    Explore changes in racial thought & how British-armed people of African descent served within the wider British army in the 18th & 19th centuries.
  • Windrush Stories

    In June 1948 the Empire Windrush arrived at Tilbury Docks, Essex, carrying hundreds of people from the Caribbean. 70 years on, Windrush Stories invites us to consider a longer, more complicated & ongoing relationship between Britain & the Caribbean.
  • World War One

    Discover how World War One affected people on different sides of the conflict through the study of this unique collection of over 500 historical sources contributed by libraries from across Europe, as part of a programme led by Europeana 1914–18.
  • Discovering Music: early 20th century

    Explore key works of early 20th-century classical music & discover the social, political & cultural contexts in which they were written.
  • Voices of art

    Explore the art world behind the scenes through life story recordings with artists, curators and writers.