Apothecary shop


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    Few medieval commercial buildings have survived, but we can get a sense of what they might have looked like from the illuminations in manuscripts. This is an illustration of an apothecary shop (a shop selling medicines) from a 14th century French manuscript.


    Who lived in medieval towns? At the top of the structure were merchants, lawyers and property owners, who held responsible positions in the community. Below them were craftsmen and traders, and at the bottom of the pile were unskilled workers. Then, as now, towns included a mixture of residential and commercial properties, though often these were one and the same: craftsmen's workshops were often on the ground floor, with the family residence upstairs. In many towns, medieval commercial activities have left their mark on streets with names like Shoe Lane, Pie Corner and Apothecary Street.


    Shelfmark: 1977 ff.49v-50

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