The Legend of King Arthur by Thomas Malory


The Legend of King Arthur


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    This manuscript tells the famous legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, centring around their quest for the mystical Holy Grail. It was written by Thomas Malory in 1469 while he was imprisoned for a series of violent crimes.


    This page opens the third book. It starts, ‘In the begynnyng of Arthure, after he was chosen kynge by adventure and by grace…’ [In the beginning of Arthur, after he was chosen king by adventure and by grace’] The chivalry of Arthur’s world a long way from the reality Malory’s own life, which was torn apart by the War of the Roses. Despite the upheavals of Malory’s day, there was a strong revival of interest in chivalry and Britain’s past. The adventures of Arthur’s knights seemed to represent all the old fashioned noble values that were being eroded by the war. 


    Shelfmark: Add. MS 59678, f.35

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