Henry Purcell: Coronation Anthem


Henry Purcell


  • Intro

    This is a manuscript by a man we know little about, except that he was clearly one of the greatest composers England has ever produced: Henry Purcell. It comes from ‘My heart is inditing’, his longest and most impressive anthem, written for the Coronation of James II in 1685. In his short life, Henry Purcell (1659–95) was recognised as one of the best English composers of his generation, and he is now seen as one of the country’s greatest ever. What marked him out from other composers of his time were his adventurous harmonies and his daring compositions. For example, in one of his quartets for strings, one of the instruments plays only one note throughout a whole movement, yet the harmony feels fluid and exciting.


    Shelfmark: RM 20.h.8, ff.55v-56

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