Fred Perry wins Wimbledon


Fred Perry wins Wimbledon


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    This is a 1934 front page news article from The Daily Mirror (the largest selling newspaper at the time) reporting that Fred Perry, a British tennis player, had won Wimbledon. Tennis was not a professional sport in those days, but Wimbledon was regarded as the world’s most important tennis championship. Perry went on to win the championship again, twice. The next British male to win the championship was Andy Murray in 2013, 77 years since Perry’s last triumph in 1936. This front page was printed on July 7 1934, during the inter-war period. Europe was still recovering from World War I and global unemployment was high with three million unemployed in Britain alone in 1933. The economies of the leading nations, especially the United States, were in deep trouble. People often turned to sporting successes to lift their mood.


    Shelfmark: British Library Newspaper Archive

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